Sunday, April 5, 2009


On Saturday Tony ran the "Engineers without Borders 5K" with Jonathan and Mary Ann Carr. It started at 9:00 so Jonathan and Mary Ann brought me Riley and picked up Tony so they could go early. The kids and I got there about 9:10 so we missed the start, but we were there to cheer for them at the finish. After expecting them around 30 minutes, imagine my surprise to see Tony coming in to the finish with a time of 26:23 minutes. Mary Ann came in a few minutes later and Jonathan a few minutes after her. I planned to have all the kids waiting at the finish line but they were having a great time playing with a bunch of sticks that had fallen off some trees from the storm last week.

Everyone had a great time. Tony, Mary Ann, and Jonathan all did great and were feeling pretty good afterward. The free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and fruit made the race even better! All the running got Hallie in the mood to exercise which she was doing until we went home and even more later that night. Will and Hallie both want to race with daddy next time. So we did some practice races at the finish line once everyone had come in. Hallie knows what it takes to win.