Sunday, October 31, 2010


(This was the whole family after a fun night of "trunk or treating," eating too much candy, and staying up past our bed time. It may look like Clara was the only one having a hard time, but Tony and I are pretty good at hiding it!)

Wow! It seems like we just had Halloween and I was dressing Clara up in a cute little ice cream cone. But although I can hardly believe it another year has gone by and all 4 kids are growing so fast I can hardly stand it.

This year with Halloween being on a Sunday, our ward did a Fall Festival Friday night. We had a chili/dessert cook off, games, and truck or treating. The kids all had a blast and even though they only went to a handful of "trunks" they got a ton of candy! The weather even cooperated and it wasn't a gazillion degrees out this year. It almost felt like fall!

The story of our costumes was, as always, an adventure. William wanted to be something spooky and decided on a vampire pretty quickly (no Twilight jokes!). Gracie said she wanted to be a mummy (although I'm still not sure she knows exactly what a mummy is). So I bought a white sheet. Before I ripped it into strips I asked her several times if she really wanted to be a mummy. After several yes replies I tore up the sheet and tried it on. She looked pretty good and was excited about getting her face painted white. Two days later she decided she would be an M&M. Here's a glimpse at my thought process at this point. "Really? An M&M? Fine, I could do that pretty easy. Man, I wish I hadn't already ruined that sheet, I can't even return it now. William, are you sure you don't want to be a mummy instead?" It was at this point that Hallie decided on a ballerina. I told her we'd get the ballerina clothes, I'd do her hair up in a bun, put real makeup on her and even put glitter in her hair. Well, that changed Gracie's mind immediately. I told her over and over that M&M's can have glitter in their hair too, but she wouldn't budge. So now I had to come up with 2 ballerina costumes. Luckily, I have some pretty great friends willing to lend me the leotards and tutu's. Still I lived in fear of Gracie changing her mind again (she'd really hard to reason with!), but fortunately she stuck with ballerina to the very end. And I must say they both turned out adorable!
Hallie the ballerina
Gracie the ballerina
William the vampire
Clara was a spider (although she was also called a cute little penguin and a bee). I bought Clara's costume used when Hallie was 1 year old. Don't you love getting your money's worth!