Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

This last Christmas was pretty great. We stayed home this year with just our little family. It was wonderful to not have the pressure of travelling. We picnic ed at a park Christmas Eve (gotta love Florida!), went carolling that night with some friends, and spent all Christmas day playing with toys and eating. Here's a few pictures:

Two of my four monkeys, Hallie and Gracie, at Tom Brown Park Christmas Eve.

Will spent the whole time at the park playing this game. You hit the circles when they light up. He played with a bunch of kids he had never met--boys versus girls (and the girls won every game). When I asked him about his new friends he realized he didn't even learn any of their names!

Clara loves a good slide!

Opening presents Christmas morning.

Putting together Will's new Lego car. Hallie was only allowed to watch.

Santa brought us Band Hero for the Wii. Clara played it by smashing her goldfish into the drum set.