Monday, April 12, 2010


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Easter weekend

Easter weekend was wonderful! We spent Saturday morning planting our garden. 3rd times a charm, right? Then we spent the rest of the day watching General Conference. Did anyone else notice several admonitions for mothers to do better in teaching their children the gospel in the home, or was it just me? It seemed like every other talk--literally--was about the importance of our own spiritual strength and the need for mothers to cultivate that in their children. "Okay," I thought, "no pressure there!" But after talking to Tony and making some new goals and plans I feel better. I know how important it is that my kids grow up gaining their testimony of the Savior and I know most of that lies with me. But along with the pressure I felt listening to talk after talk after talk, I felt peace. The Lord is with me. They are His children and He wants them back more than I do. So He won't leave me to do this alone.

Sunday morning we colored Easter eggs. I thought 10 eggs per kid would take us a while. But after Will did his first 5 eggs in 5 minutes I knew I was wrong. But that's okay. Tony and I then made the kids play in the front room while we hid the eggs in the backyard. We hid the real eggs along with the plastic ones the Easter bunny had stuffed with candy and some with coins. Then we released the children. We had to tell Will to slow down and let his sisters find some (he's such a good boy, he did slow down right away and then even helped his sisters). Clara loved being outside watching her siblings run around like crazy. Tony filmed it all. I followed them each around trying to get some pictures (I got some great pictures but I can only fit so much into one entry).

The best part was after the hunt was over. Gracie started opening her eggs and yelled "Mom! There's money in them!" Then Hallie whined "Mine has money in it. Where's all the candy?!" I loved it! It shows their personalities so well. Hallie is an absolute chocoholic. Gracie is much more practical. But they both make me smile.

I think the best part of the weekend was having everyone home all weekend with nothing important to go do. No one had to rush off to be anywhere or do anything. We were all just together.

Gracie, Hallie, William--get ready, get set...


Mom and Clara

Clara loves playing anything that's for big kids.

Coloring eggs--I love how my Hallie poses!