Saturday, November 13, 2010


I've never really been a huge sports fan. I enjoy going to games (any sport) and I enjoy playing too. But today I am grateful for football. Will has been playing flag football for the last 8 weeks. That's 2 practices a week and 1 game each Saturday. He has had a blast, but today he played his last 2 games. So now we're done! Next year he wants to play tackle (we'll see about that!).

At the same time Hallie was playing on a soccer team for the YMCA. That was also 2 practices a week and 1 game each Saturday. So needless to say our weekends have been busy. Her season ended 2 weeks ago, so now we are free! I really have loved going to their games and I've met some great people, but now I get my weekends back.

Tonight, if it works out, Tony and I are going to the FSU v. Clemson game. So even though it's never been my passion, tonight I'm going to do the Tomahawk Chop until my arm falls off!

Friday, November 12, 2010

You da bomb!

They say good friends are hard to come by, but that doesn't seem to be the case for me. Everywhere I've lived I've met wonderful people that have made my life better. There's my good friends from high school, who came with me to college. My good friends in Newdale from when I was newly married and a brand new mother. I have some good friends in Boise, and some right here in Tallahassee. The people here are extraordinary. My friends always make me smile. They are great examples of living the gospel, making me want to be better by just being around them. They are great mothers and wives, and I'm definitely better for having known them.

So, instead of offending someone by leaving them off a list, I'll just tell you that if you are reading this and thinking, "is she talking about me?" then, yes...I am. You are amazing. Thanks for making my days easier and my life better. Thanks for making me laugh and for getting me out of the house when I need some girl time. Thanks for watching my kids and letting them trash your house--you never complain about that.

When I grow up I hope to be just like you.
Thank you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

Today I'm grateful for all our veterans. I am so grateful there are men (and women) out there willing to risk their lives for me and my family. I honestly can't even imagine having to send my husband or son off to war. It's something I don' think I could ever do, and I hope I never have to. But I will be eternally grateful for those people who are so willing.

We live in the most amazing country on the planet and that is all due to our wonderful veterans who daily sacrifice so that we (and other people) can be free. So, thank you to all of you who have served and are currently serving. I hope you all know that we really do appreciate your sacrifice.

As a little side note, a few years ago I read the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. I've never read any military books, but this book was amazing. You get a glimpse into what you have to do to become a Navy Seal, and what these men go through on the battle field (it's not too graphic, though). It was truly incredible. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall is finally here! (kind of)

This last week has finally brought Fall to Florida. Well, as much as Fall comes to Florida. It's cold at night and warm during the day. But still, I get to wear a jacket when I take the kids to school in the morning. Which leads me to what I'm grateful for today...change. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father made a beautiful earth for us to enjoy. But I don't only love that it's beautiful, I love that it changes. Every season has something beautiful about it and something different to enjoy. But I love Fall most of all, because that means it's almost Christmas! And you know how the excitement of waiting for something to happen is almost better than it actually happening. That's how I feel about Fall.

But there is other change I'm grateful for, too. While I don't always want it to happen, I do love to see my kids growing and changing. I love that they are getting to the point where I can have a real conversation with them. And we can do different things together now that they are a little older. So while I loved having them as babies, it so wonderful to see them progressing.

I also love changing things up at home. I like having a routine, but it's fun to sometimes change it up a bit. I love rearranging or painting a room, it feels different and like you have a whole new room. I'm grateful we can change the way we look (for the better or worse) and the way we act (hopefully this is always for the better).

Life would be so boring if everything was always the same. And since Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy life and be happy, He gave us change!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Now that's the life

Today I'm grateful for the things that make my life easier. Like my washer and dryer, my dishwasher, even my awesome steam mop. Can you imagine when it used to take days (yes, plural) to do laundry. It already takes me days to do laundry, but at least I'm not hunched over a wash bin with my hands soaking in water all day. And I lived the first 5 years of my marriage without a dishwasher. I lived through it, but now that I have one I don' t think I could ever go back!

We have so much awesome technology that wasn't around even 50 years ago. I know I take for granted all these great things that are supposed to give me more free time. And they do because since I don't have to spend all day washing dishes I can do more of the things that I actually enjoy.
(No, this isn't my actual washer and dryer, but it's pretty close.)

Monday, November 8, 2010


So, I was reading my cousin-in-law's blog the other day and she is doing this really awesome thing. Everyday for the month of November she is writing about something she is grateful for. I love the idea of thinking of one thing everyday and focusing on that. So I thought I'd give it a try. I'm also going to ask my kids everyday. I even made up a little sheet were we can all write down one thing each day. There is even a place for Clara (I thought the kids would have fun thinking of something she could be grateful for!).

So everyday until Thanksgiving I (hopefully) will be sharing with you something I'm grateful for, and maybe even a few of my kids ideas.

Today I'm grateful that I can be a stay-at-home mom. Nothing brings me greater joy than always being here for my kids. I love being here when they get home from school. I love getting things done while they are at school and I love that I have nothing else that is "more important" to do. It wasn't' until I moved to Florida that I realized what a rare thing it is to not send your kids to daycare.

Of course, the reason I can be a stay-at-home mom is my wonderful husband. He works so hard for our family so that I can stay home. I'm grateful that he supports my desire to stay at home. I remember discussing this when we were dating--although it wasn't much of a discussion. I said I wanted to be able to stay home with the kids and he said, "me too." We spent the rest of the conversation talking about what he wanted to do for his career.

So that's it for today. Tonight for FHE we're going to start with the kids. Hopefully I can get more out of them than toys or the trampoline.