Friday, April 2, 2010

Will's 7? Holy Cow!

That's right, Will is now 7 years old (plus 2 months, since I'm a bit late with this post:). That's one year away from baptism. Where did the last 7 years go? Every time I look at Clara I can see William when he was a baby. But I'm not sad. This time of my life is so great! I love the kids being in school and helping them with homework. I love having more real conversations with them. I love hearing them laugh at something that I think is funny too!

So just to make myself stay calm, I'll assume it only gets better from here. I'm not too worried about the next 7 years--it's the 5 or 6 after that that has me a bit worried;)

Here's a few pictures of Will's birthday party and all the changes that have been made over the last 7 years.

William on day one.

William at 18 months.

William at age 4. This is the first of many of his wild poses.

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