Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 has begun!

Well, we're only 2 weeks in to 2011 and boy have we been busy. New Year's Eve we played in the backyard and raked our leaves. Here's a cute video we took of the kids--notice Clara wandering around in the back. That's what she does in the backyard, it's really cute but kind of scary since you never know what you'll find back there.

We also had our kitchen floor redone. A few years ago I tore a long line starting at the kitchen door going all the way down the hall when I dragged (drug?) a dresser from the carport to the girls room. Well, now it's started to started to come apart in one place so we finally got it redone. It doesn't look a whole lot different (it's mostly just darker), but I really like it!

Before--you can see the start of the line at the bottom. Also, Gracie thought it was awesome that she could hide in the pantry. It was her "very own secret hide out."

After--it took me a few days but now I LOVE it!

Last night Tony and I went on a much needed date. We ate at one of Tony's favorite restaurant's Sonny's BBQ. Tony ordered the all you can eat ribs. He started off with 2 plates of the sweet and smoky, then decided to try the dry rub ribs. He didn't like them as much so while he ate another plate of the regular kind, I had fun the the left overs!


The Hargretts said...

The kitchen looks great! I loved the little video too. When I showed it to Chris it took him awhile to find Clara. HAHA

Mamma Corleone said...

The floor looks great, and so do the ribs!