Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Fun

It's a little late, but here are some pictures of our pumpkin carving experience 2 weeks ago.

First we went to a local church to pick our pumpkins. It was about to storm so we had to hurry!

Then we cleaned out and drew our design on each pumpkin. Will's was a lion.

Gracie chose a small pumpkin because "I'm small". She drew her inspiration from the "daddy jack-o-lantern" as seen below.

Hallie's was an original design, just like Hallie. Her's was the biggest pumpkin which gives a little hint into her personality.

We all had a great time. Unfortunately, southern living isn't designed for putting your pumpkins on the porch. After 1 week Hallie's pumpkin looked like Santa Claus because it was covered in fluffy, white mold. Next year we'll wait until just before Halloween.


Meg said...

Pumpkin personalities - so cute! Love the thoughts about how Gracie is "small" and Hallie's is the biggest. The moldy Santa thing cracked me up big time.

I can't help but fall in love with your little family! Thanks for blogging Colee!

Oh, and I forgot to comment on Tony's brilliant candy poem. Very impressive and witty. And after only... how many years of school again? teehee.

The Van Fam said...

I cheated this year. I bought the carvable pumpkins at Michael's. No worries about the heat.