Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a wonderful Halloween this year. We went trick-or-treating with some friends from Will's school and some friends from the ward, in a neighborhood famous for it's trick-or-treating.

Here is everyone minutes before going trick-or-treating. Since we weren't going in our neighborhood and I didn't want to take candy from others without giving any, we left a bowl on the doorstep with a little note. My writer/husband came up with a little poem. It read "Please take only one, thank you. We'd hate to hunt you down and spank you."

William was a scary pirate. He wanted Captain Jack Sparrow, but that specific costume can be kind of pricey. So we went with a generic pirate who happened to be named Captain Jack Sparrow.

Hallie was a mermaid. She started out wanting to be Ariel. But then some friends had a mermaid costume of Nori from Barbie Mermaidia. But then Hallie didn't want to wear the blue wig so we ended up as a plain ole mermaid.

Gracie was the most beautiful Snow White ever. All three kids are in this picture (which was taken by our friends whose house we parked at). William is coming up to get some candy and Hallie is running back to the car to get her and Gracie's candy bags.

For Clara's first Halloween we used the costume I bought 5 years ago for Hallie's first Halloween. She was an ice cream cone with cherry on top! We took her out of the costume to put her in her car seat to drive to the other neighborhood. Then she fell asleep and we never put it back on her, so she wore the costume for a total of 5 minutes. But they were the cutest 5 minutes in history!


jeffandbecca said...

Cute costumes. Your kids have so much personality, you can see it in just those simple snapshots. Glad you had a good Halloween.

Meg said...

You bet it was the cutest five minutes in history! That costume is the cutest thing ever! Cherry on top! I will be smiling about that for a week at least. Your kids look awesome, well done! Way to *parlay* on the Jack Sparrow thing (just HAPPENED to be named Jack Sparrow. I love it.) And mermaids... what's a mom to do? I've seen some real scary Ariels in my day. Way to dodge that bullet.

Guess that's all part of the *trick*... hope the *treats* worked out just as well for you (commandeer a few - you obviously deserve it)


The Van Fam said...

Got to LOVE Halloween in Florida. No jackets, no freezing, ok maybe a little sweating, but NOT from a costume covered in a coat.
Cute and adorable kids.