Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall is finally here! (kind of)

This last week has finally brought Fall to Florida. Well, as much as Fall comes to Florida. It's cold at night and warm during the day. But still, I get to wear a jacket when I take the kids to school in the morning. Which leads me to what I'm grateful for today...change. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father made a beautiful earth for us to enjoy. But I don't only love that it's beautiful, I love that it changes. Every season has something beautiful about it and something different to enjoy. But I love Fall most of all, because that means it's almost Christmas! And you know how the excitement of waiting for something to happen is almost better than it actually happening. That's how I feel about Fall.

But there is other change I'm grateful for, too. While I don't always want it to happen, I do love to see my kids growing and changing. I love that they are getting to the point where I can have a real conversation with them. And we can do different things together now that they are a little older. So while I loved having them as babies, it so wonderful to see them progressing.

I also love changing things up at home. I like having a routine, but it's fun to sometimes change it up a bit. I love rearranging or painting a room, it feels different and like you have a whole new room. I'm grateful we can change the way we look (for the better or worse) and the way we act (hopefully this is always for the better).

Life would be so boring if everything was always the same. And since Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy life and be happy, He gave us change!

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MA said...

I totally agree. Change is good and I LOVE FALL too! Miss yas