Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last night I planned on posting after the kids went to bed, but then I started reading this book and forgot all about it. So for yesterday I am going to say I'm grateful for good books. I love reading and when I find a good book I just can't stop myself. My house goes to ruin and my kids end up eating spaghetti 3 nights in a row until I've finished.

Last night I was reading Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall. I haven't finished yet, but after crying so much I had put it down and give my eyes a rest. It's a beautifully inspiring book that makes me want to be a better person. It's clean (hard to find these days) and very well written. Thanks, Jennifer, for recommending it!

Today I don't think I'll have any time to read, maybe tonight before I go to bed. But I know if I start I'll end up reading until 1:00 in the morning (which tends to make me cranky the next day). My poor family! The good news is that it should only take me one more night of reading to finish. Then my schedule can go back to normal--until I find another good read!

P.S. I'm always open to recommendations!


Mrs. Blimes said...

I can't say too many times that EVERYONE should read The Hunger Games.

I'll have to check out this new book though! I loooove a good cry!

The Ricks' said...

I read the Hunger Games and LOVED it! The first one was my favorite. The ending wasn't what I was hoping for, although it worked too.